January 3rd, 2021 – Greg Hull Preaching
January 10th – A Godly King Series #10 “Wholly Holy”
January 17th – A Godly King Series #11 “When God Says ‘No'”
January 24th – A Godly King Series #12 “Unexpected Grace”
January 31st – A Godly King Series #13 “A Beautiful Distraction”
February 7th – A Godly King Series #14 “Consequences and Forgiveness”
February 14th – A Godly King Series #15 “Forgiving Jerks”
February 21st – A Godly King Series #16 “The Aftermath of Pride”
February 28th – A Godly King Series #17 “The End of an Era”
March 7th – Greg Hull Preaching
March 14th – Greg Hull Preaching
March 21st – “Where’s Your Hope?”
March 28th – “One in the Lord”
April 4th – “Tell His Disciples…and Peter”
April 11th – “Down in the Valley”
April 18th – “A Sure Thing”
April 25th – Hebrews Highlights #1 “The Importance of ‘Lettuce'”
May 2nd – Hebrews Highlights #2 “The Word at Work”
May 9th – Hebrews Highlights #3 “The Throne of Grace”
May 16th – Hebrews Highlights #4 “Out to the Woodshed”
May 23rd – Hebrews Highlights #5 “The Lessons of Faith”
May 30th – Hebrews Highlights #6 “Hero or Villain?”
June 6th – Hebrews Highlights #7 “A Cloud of Witnesses”
June 13th – For Such a Time as This #1 “The Future of Persia”
June 20th – For Such a Time as This #2 “Character Revealed”
June 27th – For Such a Time as This #3 “An Evil Interlude”
July 4th – For Such a Time as This #4 “The Power of One”
July 11th- For Such a Time as This #5 “As Shrewd as a Snake”
July 18th- For Such a Time as This #6 “Reaping What You Sow”
July 25th- For Such a Time as This #7 “Surprising Sovereignty”
August 1st (Greg Hull) – “A Man of True Courage”
August 8th –  Gospel of John #1 “Who is This Jesus?”
August 15th –  Gospel of John #2 “Successful Christian Living”
August 22nd –  Gospel of John #3 “Come and See”
August 29th –  Gospel of John #4 “Change Isn’t Always a Bad Thing”
September 5th –  Gospel of John #5 “Temple Tables Turned”
September 12th –  Gospel of John #6 “Being Seeker Sensitive”
September 19th (Matt Cavallin) –  “Blessed Fear”
September 26th  – Gospel of John #7 “Humility Defuses Conflict”
October 3rd  – Gospel of John #8 “Redefining Worship”
October 10th – Gospel of John #9 “One Among Many”
October 17th – Gospel of John #10 “One, Yet Three”
October 24th – Gospel of John #11 “Eating is Believing”
October 31st – Greg Hull Preaching
November 7th – Greg Hull Preaching
November 14th – Gospel of John #12 “Shelter From the Storm”
November 21st – “An Attitude of Gratitude”